Find the best gas detection equipment on the market

Every gas detector we offer meets or exceeds industry standards and provides the reliability you need to keep your people and environment safe.

  • Wearable gas detectors and portable gas detection from manufacturers like Industrial Scientific, MSA, Honeywell and GfG. Learn more about:
    • Single-gas monitors
    • Photoionization detector (PID)
    • Multi-gas monitors
    • Area gas monitors
    • We also carry docking stations for portable and wearable gas detectors.
  • Fixed gas detection: We carry fixed gas detectors from manufacturers like Bacharach and ChemDAQ.
  • Gas analyzers: The GT500 Terra is the smallest multigas FTIR analyzer in the world.
  • Combustion and emissions: These instruments, like the PCA 400, are necessary for combustion analysis.
  • Calibration gas: Used for calibrating gas monitors and bump testing monitors so sensors give an accurate reading.
  • Gastec gas detection system: Gastec has over 300 different gases with an easy-to-use pump and is the detector of choice for workers around the world.

man wearing gas monitor and using a wrench to open a valve

Servicing your gas detection equipment:

To ensure your life-saving gas detection equipment is in the best working condition, we offer calibration and repair services for portable and wearable detectors.

Portable instruments can be sent back to any of our ISO9001 certified service centres for calibration, repair or maintenance.

We include a six-month warranty on labour from the date of repair and the manufacturer’s warranty is applied to all replacement parts.

man taking a reading from an area gas monitor

Gas monitor training:

We have a great instrumentation team who can provide training and support for any piece of equipment purchased through Levitt-Safety at no additional cost.

We also offer online training about the concepts and best practices for using gas detectors.

This online course covers the following topics:

  • The hazards and characteristics of gases and vapours
  • The properties, uses and dangers of nitrogen
  • The difference between gas testing, monitoring, and detection
  • Reasons and conditions for testing hazardous atmospheres
  • Factors when choosing gas testing equipment
  • The proper use of handheld mechanical testers
  • The general operation and care of electronic sensors
  • Types of electronic monitors
  • Zeroing, bump testing and calibrating electronic monitors
  • Proper use and care of personal monitors

Looking for more help?

Fill out the form on this page if you need help choosing the best gas monitor for the job – or building your gas detection program. A member of our team will contact you to learn more about your needs and make recommendations.

Levitt-Safety offers instruments from industry-leading manufacturers, including MSA, Industrial Scientific, GfG, Honeywell, 3M, and more.

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