Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression

For safety professionals who need effective and economical special hazard fire protection, Stat-X aerosol technology delivers up to 35% savings in equipment and lifecycle costs compared to traditional systems. This is due to lower initial expense plus minimal ongoing service costs:

  • No distribution piping, manifold, or nozzles
  • No floor space requirement or shoring up for weight
  • No special handling for compressed gas cylinders
  • No venting or ceiling tile clips for discharge forces
  • No solenoid actuators, control heads, or hoses
  • No water drains or pipe freeze protection
  • No system pressurization or room integrity tests

How it Works

Stat-X devices are termed condensed aerosol agent generators because they generate an ultra-fine suspension of highly ionized potassium fire-fighting particles upon actuation. The key elements in the generation process are:

  • Device is sealed and stable until actuated
  • Actuator at top energizes proprietary compound, creating aerosol agent by exothermic oxidation
  • Build-up of ultra-fine particles and nitrogen gas breaks membrane seal and exits through ports
  • Discharge fills protected area with a soft suspension of Stat-X agent without “super-pressurizing” space
  • Potassium ions combine with fragments of combustion, inhibiting the fire chain reaction
  • Agent particles also absorb heat from the fire and form inert gases upon decomposition
  • Minute Stat-X agent particles (≤2 µm) remain in suspension afterwards, helping check re-ignition
  • Post-fire area can be easily vented, with no harmful byproducts generated

The superior effectiveness of condensed aerosols is due to a unique set of characteristics unmatched by other special hazard agents. This is why it is by far the most efficient fire suppression agent by weight.

Stat-X First Responder

The Stat-X compound is the most effective fire extinguishing agent currently available – many times more effective than conventional agents by mass. The Stat-X First Responder contains the same compound used in our UL and ULC listed fixed fire extinguishing units. The Stat-X First Responder works by interrupting the chain reaction of the fire. Potassium radicals are the main active component of the Stat-X aerosol. These potassium radicals react with the free radicals of the flame, which results in suppression. Stat-X does not deplete the oxygen level nor does it deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming!

When would Stat-X be used?

Military/Special Ops

Rescue Application

Energy Company Employee

Scenario A: The worst case – fire erupts in a manhole with worker stuck in the manhole and either incapacitated or unable to escape though the flames. Co-worker immediately deploys Stat-X First Responder and tosses it into the manhole away from the trapped worker. It will suppress/extinguish the fire, buying valuable time for evacuation or power shutdown.

Scenario B: Underground transformer fire, or any below grade enclosed space fire. Just twist and pull the ring, toss Stat-X First Responder in. It will suppress/extinguish the fire, buying valuable time for evacuation or power shutdown.

Fire Fighter

Scenario A: Firefighter arrives at the scene of an early stage fire. After evacuating people and before additional resources arrive at the scene, toss a Stat-X First Responder into the rooms which are involved with the fire. This will buy time for further rescue and for firefighters to lay hose.

Scenario B: Firefighters are concerned about potential flashover from a fire down a hall and water isn’t available yet. Toss a Stat-X First Responder ahead of the firefighters to eliminate many of the contributing factors of a flashover.

Scenario C: A firefighter is trapped or can’t get to a victim due to an intense area of fire. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression.


Scenario A: Police arrive at a vehicle fire as a result of an accident. There are occupants trapped in the burning vehicle and the fire department has not yet arrived. Break a window, toss the Stat-X First Responder into the vehicle to knock down the fire and remove the occupants.

Scenario B: SWAT arrives on site and must deploy “flash bangers” into an area to stun criminals. These flash bangers often ignite combustibles. Toss a Stat-X First Responder into the flame area for immediate fire suppression for entry or to suppress fire while awaiting the arrival of the fire department.

Scenario C: Police arrive on the site of a structure (house) fire, in advance of the fire department. Occupants can be seen or heard in the fire area. Deploy the Stat-X First Responder to possibly attempt rescue, or at least suppress and hold the fire in check until the fire department arrives.

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