National Foam is a leading manufacturer of foam concentrate, foam proportioning systems, fixed and portable foam fire fighting equipment, monitors, nozzles and specialized Big Flow pumping solutions. National Foam has historically been at the forefront of foam fire fighting and fire control technology and is the acknowledged world leader in providing foam based solutions.

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems utilize a foam concentrate pump and a diaphragm-operated pressure balancing valve to provide the correct foam concentrate injection percentage automatically. It is the most frequently used method of proportioning foam concentrate into the water stream because of its versatility and accuracy.

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Skid

Balanced Pressure Proportioning Systems are the most common type of foam proportioning systems because of their versatility and accuracy. These systems are skid mounted fixed units which are capable of providing foam protection to all types of hazards on land and are also excellent for various marine applications. Skid mounting allows the complete proportioning system to be assembled on a common base ready for installation into the customer’s water supply main.

Bladder Tanks

The National Foam bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel fitted with an internal bladder that stores foam concentrate. During operation, water supplied to the bladder tank displaces the foam concentrate and collapses the bladder until the concentrate is depleted. The bladder tank discharges foam concentrate at approximately the same pressure as the water supplied at the water inlet connection to the tank. Since the bladder tank is pressurized, the bladder should not be refilled during operation.

Frequently used in aircraft hangars, loading racks, sprinkler systems, and offshore platforms.

Foam Chambers and Foam Makers

Foam makers and chambers are designed to introduce expanded foam directly onto the surface of a flammable or combustible liquid for fire extinguishment and/or vapor suppression. Classified as a Type II discharge device in accordance with NFPA Standard 11, foam chambers deliver low expansion foam directly onto the fuel surface with a minimum of foam submergence and fuel agitation. Minimizing submergence and agitation increases the effectiveness of the foam blanket, resulting in more efficient operation, and superior extinguishing capabilities. Foam chambers have the added advantage of directing all their flow directly onto the product surface regardless of weather conditions, for the most effective utilization of foam resources. Foam chambers have a long history of timely and safe control of numerous incidents.

Foam Concentrates

National Foam’s latest range of foam concentrates incorporate both fluorinated foams, which contain only C6 fluorosurfactants and fluorine free foams.  These products meet the same approvals, and deliver improved firefighting performance and reduced environmental impact.
  • Minimum environmental impact combined with maximum firefighting performance
  • Firefighter safety is paramount: putting fires out, and keeping them out
  • Top level product approvals and comprehensive warranty
  • Centers of Excellence and global testing facilities
  • Benefit of heritage, expertise and experience
  • Open and transparent on performance
  • Commitment to ongoing research and development

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