Marioff is the world’s largest supplier of water mist fire protection technology, with unrivalled experience supplying system solutions worldwide under the brand HI-FOG®.

HI-FOG® is suitable for most types of fires on land and at sea. It safely controls and suppresses fire by discharging a fine water mist at high velocity, using significantly less water than conventional sprinkler systems.

HI-FOG® water mist in action

HI-FOG® uses significantly less water than traditional sprinkler systems for the same application with equivalent or better performance. The system discharges a very fine water mist as a high-pressure fog, which as such blocks radiant heat and absorbs heat efficiently through evaporation, cooling the surroundings and minimizing the collateral damage fire can cause.

Safe for people and the environment

HI-FOG® uses pure water mist as a suppression agent which is harmless to people and the environment. Spaces do not need to be evacuated or closed off for the system to be activated, and they can also be entered while the system is discharging as it does not affect the fire fighting efficiency or pose risk to human life.

Easy Implementation

Designers, consultants, architects and installers find HI-FOG® remarkably easy to work with. Narrow tubing that can be bent into position on-site, compact pumps and discrete spray or sprinkler heads fit into retrofits as easily as new structures.

Save with HI-FOG®

HI-FOG® leads to real savings on the bottom line. Costs can be cut by including HI-FOG® in the early design phases of a project. HI-FOG® even brings with it a freedom to design without the restrictions of more conventional approaches. For example, HI-FOG® allows architects to create bigger open spaces and can even eliminate the need for passive fire protection measures like fire rated windows, special coatings, and fire curtains.

HI-FOG® Key Benefits

  • Fast: immediate and rapid cooling
  • Safe: harmless to people and the environment
  • Proven: success in countless tests and real fires
  • Low water usage: minimizes damage
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