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Protect your people and property with WES3

WES3 is an enhanced wireless evacuation and medical alert system that increases safety on a worksite. Designed to meet leading standards, this advanced system has been developed to provide a fast, simple and secure method of communicating evacuation and medical emergencies in complex environments.

Where WES3 works great:


industrial plant with smoke billowing out stack


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Heritage buildings

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Festivals and temporary events

How WES3 works

Early detection is the key to protecting and safeguarding your staff, business and greater community. Air horns and fire extinguishers may not be enough to mitigate a fire before it gets out of control.

You can set WES3 up in under 15 minutes and have it distributed throughout the building. Now you have a smoke and fire alarm, security monitor and emergency alert and evacuation system all in one.

WES3 is made of wireless units placed based on the site’s fire prevention plan. The units connect to form a network so if a fire breaks out, any unit triggers an automatic site-wide alarm.

The control unit pinpoints the exact location of the triggering unit. All relevant personnel are notified immediately by text message when coupled with the REACT phone app.

Cause of fire

There are many causes of fire on construction sites. The leading sources include:

  • heating equipment
  • arson, and
  • hot works including welding, cutting, grinding, soldering and roof work.

This list of average annual statistics depicts the cost for fires in structures that are under construction or major renovation.


vector image of a building on fire

Fires in structures that are under construction or renovation.

$408 M

vector image of factory with smoke in front of it

The cost of property damage in structures under construction or renovation.


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Civilian injuries in structures under construction or renovation.


ambulance vector file

Civilian deaths in structures under construction or renovation.

the components of the WES3 system.

WES3 highlights our customers rave about:

Improve fire and emergency response:

Real-time alert notifications for fire and medical emergencies.

Medical and evacuation alarm:

Raise an alert from any point in the network to the CONNECT control unit.

Optional inspection delay:

Site manager can determine false alarms and organize fire drills.

Easily connects to existing systems:

Turnstile gate entry systems, door release systems and monitoring equipment/systems.

Remote monitoring:

Monitor the system from anywhere in the world using REACT notification system.

Full isolation system test mode:

Test individual alarm points without triggering the entire system.

Pre-alarm functions:

Create lower-level alerts to issue warnings without triggering a full evacuation.

Simple self-install system:

No wires or cords to install. Place units according to the site’s unique needs.

Built strong:

Full two-year manufacturer warranty and a three-year battery life under normal conditions and usage.

Easy set up that requires no special tools or expertise.

Protection that’s ready when you are.

The units that make up the WES3 system can be deployed as soon as the building is out of the ground. Setup is quick and easy – it takes just a few minutes for your units to be a network on active duty protecting your site and workers.

Units are placed in accordance with your fire plan – usually at each stairway and elevator – and can be added as the build progresses. Units can be numbered according to your fire plan for easy identification in the event of an emergency. Heat, smoke and unique dust-resistant sensors provide active evacuation protection in enclosed areas.

Ditch the air horn

Sites across North America still use handheld air horns as a safety device warning of fires and similar incidents. Deploying the WES3 evacuation and emergency system on a job site vs. the air horn has so many advantages. Here are a few:

 WES3Air Horn
Full site wide evacuation at the push of a button.YesNo
Addressable system so you know where the activation took place.YesNo
Ability to add heat and smoke sensors for 24-hour protection.YesNo
Visual and audible alarm. Distinguishable above background sound.YesNo
Completely monitored system so you can rely on devices working when needed.YesNo
Medical call feature giving extra functionality. YesNo

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