What is a rescue lifting bag?

Fire rescue staff use lifting bags, sometimes called air bags, is rescue situations to lift objects like a rolled over car. An air supply from a compressor inflates the bag which will then lift the object.

The great thing about lifting bags is that they only need a thin insertion point, as little as 2.5cm clearance. This makes the lifting bag a safe and simple solution when extra space is not available.

Lifting bags are not only used by firefighters and emergency technicians to slowly lift and shift vehicles. Heavy industrial and construction firms use them to lift structure or other heavy equipment. Levitt-Safety carries lifting bags by Resqtec.

See the NT Hybrid lifting bag from Resqtec in action:

What is a sealing bag?

Sealing bags are used on tanks, barrels, pipes and containers to seal a leak. To initiate a seal, all you have to do is strap the bag to the container or pipe and inflate to initiate a seal.

Sealing bags come in various sizes. Small sealing bags are used for sealing leaks in small tanks and barrels. Large sealing bags are used for temporary leak sealing in pipelines and tanks.

They are suitable for use with most hazardous liquids, fuels, water and oils.

Order lifting bags and sealing bags from Levitt-Safety:

Levitt-Safety is a proud supplier of lifting bags and sealing bags from leading manufacturers like Resqtec.

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