Think all firefighting hoses are made the same?

Then you haven’t experienced BullDog Hose Company yet.

BullDog is at the forefront of fire hose design and construction and has an unparalleled commitment to firefighters.

Their dedication to research and development has positioned BullDog as a premier supplier in fire hose products with industry-renowned product lines like:
row of rolled firehoses from bulldog

  • Hi-Combat® II
  • Firepower® II
  • Hi-Vol®, and
  • Ultima™

BullDog manufactures firefighting hose and flexible pipeline systems and has come to stand for high performance, durability and safety, with products that are built to last and made in North America.

Firefighting hoses:

rolled yellow firehose with BullDog printed on it BullDog is able to fulfill all of your firefighting needs with innovative products for every aspect of the firefighting field.

From lightweight hoses for storing on compact rolls that are easy to move and are kink resistant, to hoses designed for harsh environments that resist cuts, punctures and abrasions.

BullDog offers a variety of materials, lengths, couplings, and applications for any firefighting need.

Forestry hoses:

bulldog bushmaster firefighting hoseReliability you can count on when faced with forest fires.

Bushmaster™ is a lightweight polyester jacket, polyurethane-lined forestry fire hose that adheres to the USDA-US Forest Service Specification 5100-187.

It is a lightweight and easy-to-clean hose that is easy to maneuver. It also features an extra smooth outer jacket for easy dragging.

Fire hoses for industries beyond firefighting:

rolled red fire hose standing upWhile firefighting is what first comes to mind when thinking fire hoses, the industrial and agricultural markets are well served by BullDog hoses as well.

BullDog has a full range of hose types and fittings to meet your needs.

Beige rolled fire hose laying on its side

Industrial hoses:

No matter what fluid you are moving from water to fuel to sewer, BullDog likely has the hose to meet your industrial needs.

Their industrial hoses are constructed for durability with heat-resistant and lay-flat designs.

rolled red hose lying on its side with a rolled blue hose standing on topThese industrial hoses have a versatile selection to move the fluid you need.

Industry favourites include:

  • Single Jacket
  • Armour Guard
  • Redskin/Blueskin, and
  • WAT-Hog.

Agricultural hoses:

From field irrigation and dewatering to manure application operations, BullDog’s North American-made agricultural hoses are built to improve your operations with steady flow.
yellow wide mouth hose rolled up with BullDog Premium200 printed on the side
High-performance irrigation, lay-flat and drag hoses are designed to work in the toughest environments.

When reliability and flow are important, BullDog hoses are ready for your agriculture needs.

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