What are extrication tools?

Extrication tools, sometimes called hydraulic rescue tools, are used by emergency rescue workers during vehicle extrication after a crash. You’ve probably heard of extrication tools more colloquially as “the jaws of life”.

Extrication covers a variety of tools including cutters, spreaders, kits, off road rescue supplies and other rescue equipment.

Levitt-Safety carries extrication tools from Power Hawk.

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Power Hawk® P4 Rescue Tool

The P4 Rescue Tool brings together the innovation of Power Hawk’s aerospace gear technology with the latest Electronic Direct Device (EDD) motor and lithium battery technology. The result is a company and self-contained battery powered rescue tool. The P4 Rescue Tool delivers enormous spreading and cutting power for getting jobs done quickly and safely.

Best battery powered extrication tool:

The P4 is powered by the latest in lithium‐ion battery technology and conforms to IEC62133 safety standards and the UN 38.3 shipping requirements for lithium batteries. The motor technology leveraged in EDD produces 1.4kW, similar to a small gasoline engine currently used in hydraulic pumps

Features of the Power Hawk P4 rescue tool:

  • No hydraulics
  • High-efficiency and long battery run times
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Rapid response / no setup
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact to save space
  • Variable speed opening and closing
  • Completely self-contatined
  • Interchangeable spreaders and cutters
  • Pivoting powerhead
  • Power-Blade “cross-over” feature
  • Performs in harsh environments; sand, water, hot, cold, and O2-depleted atmospheres
  • Change battery packs in seconds

Why choose Levitt-Safety:

Levitt-Safety is a Canada-wide distributor of extrication tools as well as firefighter and emergency response products including:

  • portable fire extinguishers
  • fire hoses, and
  • thermal imaging software.

Along with selling these products, Levitt-Safety services, calibrates, repairs and rents fire safety and life-saving equipment.

When working with Levitt-Safety, you’ll receive decades of experience and knowledge.

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