The VRS Giraffe

The ultimate in access…walk up to your job. Keep your staff safe, and more efficient with the Giraffe’s wide, easy, constant gradient stairs. Just ONE unit can do multiple jobs thanks to:

  • Infinitely height adjustable – cantilevered deck designed for, and well proven in the toughest of work environments
  • Hands-free access, with wide easy-climb stairs
  • Multiple deck gates allows VRS to function as both a work platform and an access stairway

The VRS Monkey

The VRS Monkey Series provides a lot of the benefits of the Giraffe, but using steps instead of stairs. This makes it compact and well
suited to factories and workshops that don’t have a lot of room to move about.

  • Height adjustable, semi cantilevered deck
  • Easily maneuvered
  • 2 models cover a huge range of heights

The VRS Squirrel

The VRS Squirrel Series brings the safety and efficiency of the VRS platform adjustability right down to the office, home, apartment
building, or any other relatively small space.

  • Four deck heights from as low as 740mm, up to 1440mm
  • Walk it from room to room…straight through the door
  • The correct, safe handrail height at each level

The VRS Leopard

The VRS Leopard units have been tested and confirmed to meet or exceed the strength, stability and all other applicable requirements
for the following standards:

  • ANSI-ASC A14.7-2011 (USA)
  • CSA Z11-12 (Canada)


The age old problem of having to use a large array of access platforms when servicing a variety of machinery (and then having to store them in between jobs!) is solved with VRS Mobile Height Adjustable Work Platforms.

Whether your work involves building or maintaining equipment at height, the VRS (Vertical Rise Stairs) line up of access platforms will keep you safe in any work situation.

These multi-use, height adjustable platforms are truly versatile workstations. Designed to increase both safety and productivity in your workplace, not only are the platforms durable, they are also meticulously engineered to be very functional and easy to use.

With VRS, it takes just one unit to do multiple jobs!

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