Levitt-Safety’s temporary edge protection systems create innovative, customized, and highly durable perimeter protection solutions. With simple and practical products, users require minimal training to perform extremely fast installations, which reduces labor costs.

Speed Fan is a modular net system for the exterior of site buildings where debris protection is required. It is constructed to be efficiently assembled on the ground/working floor and raised into position.
For maintenance work, such as cleaning or for building side access the installed fans can be easily folded inward in seconds.

The Speed Edge System provides perimeter edge protection for the interior and exterior openings on under-construction buildings, with no loose pieces to misplace. Posts and fences are easily installed between concrete floors and ceilings, keeping the edge safe for workers on the construction site.

The Speed Edge System also provides durable temporary edge protection that incorporates many built-in safety features, eliminates the usual smaller components that are normally lost and damaged, and the compact design allows it to easily be moved around the site.

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