Falling objects from construction sites or work platforms can cause serious injury or death to workers and members of the public.

There is also a risk to property and passing vehicles below the job site.

Using fall protection and debris containment netting solutions protects people from injury and property from damage.

Fall protection and debris safety netting:

On this page you will find the styles of debris and fall protection netting solutions Levitt-Safety offers. These systems create innovative, customized, and highly durable perimeter protection solutions. With simple and practical products, users require minimal training to perform fast installations, which reduces labor costs.

We will work with you to create a custom fall protection or debris net system that meets your business needs.

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Fall protection netting:

You can install fall protection netting as a permanent or temporary protection measure depending on the work risk.

Construction Netting

high rise construction netting to prevent fallsFalls are the number one cause of death in the construction industry. Liftsafe designed their Construction Netting for high rise construction.

The Construction Netting system uses a combination of personnel and debris nets and pre-engineered stanchions. The stanchions extend out from the building to catch debris from falling to the ground below.

The design allows the netting to move up the building as construction progresses. It’s designed to be no more than 3 floors below the current working level.

We can create a custom net based on your architectural and structural layout.

liftsafe construction netting

Truck Netting

liftsafe portable trailer safety net system with truck in bayLoading and unloading product on a truck is often dangerous for the employees and expensive when products fall.

Liftsafe has designed Truck Netting to protect employees and product during day-to-day operations.

It increases productivity without compromising safety. Since it is a passive system, there’s no need for workers to tie-off and it eliminates overhead challenges associated with cranes or lifelines. It only takes a few minutes to set up and creates a safer environment for loading and unloading.

liftsafe truck netting fall protection

Oil Pit Netting

An opening in the floor poses an extreme safety risk. You have to guard or cover these openings when not in use to protect your staff.

Oil change companies can benefit from adopting Liftsafe’s Oil Pit Netting. This unique and customizable system provides reliable fall protection for employees. It also ensures compliance with Ministry requirements.

We design the Oil Pit Netting to fit your space. It’s a reliable solution with minimal impact on day-to-day operations. The unique design lets you easily move the net and you do not need to modify your existing service pit.

liftsafe oil pit netting in an automotive shop

Debris netting:

Installing debris netting eliminates the risk that objects can fall, injuring the people or damaging the property below. We are proud to work with manufacturers like Liftsafe and Integrity Worldwide Inc. to offer industry leading solutions.

Conveyor Netting

liftsafe yellow conveyor nettingWarehouses around the world use overhead conveyor systems to increase productivity and move products faster. This also increases potential injuries from falling products.

Liftsafe’s Conveyor Netting not only protects employees, it protects the company from expensive product loss due to falls. You can install the system without interrupting day-to-day operations. It will result in an immediate increase in safety throughout your facility.

There is minimal cost with installing the system. This solution often pays for itself within the first year by decreasing product loss.

liftsafe conveyor netting


Athletic Netting

We are able to provide our customers with a complete line of indoor and outdoor sports nets thanks to Liftsafe.

This netting exceeds industry standards for quality and durability and can be set up for almost any arena sport including:

  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Football

liftsafe sports netting at a baseball field


Edge Fan

Edge Fan by Integrity Worldwide is a modular net system for the exterior of site buildings where debris protection is required. It is constructed to be assembled on the ground/working floor and raised into position.

For maintenance work, like cleaning or for side building access, the installed fans can be easily folded inward in seconds.

integrity worldwide edge fan debris netting on corner of building

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