LOBO is an alternative to scaffolding that you can easily tailor to individual requirements. You can assemble LOBO into any configuration, shape, or size in a matter of minutes to create a custom work platform system. It can also easily be transported.

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LOBO was created in a small office 20 years ago in Derby, England. Since then, the company has worked in a variety of industries including breweries, the London Underground and even NASA.

What sets LOBO apart is the unique patented clamp that allows the system to be assembled onsite without any tools. It’s designed from pre-engineered components and can quickly be assembled by in-house personnel who have been adequately trained, thereby eliminating the cost and hassle of using outside scaffolding contractors.

LOBO platforms can increase efficiency and safety while cutting costs when compared to traditional scaffolding or ladders. Learn more about how ladders compare to LOBO.

Benefits of LOBO Work Platforms:

  • Lower cost than traditional scaffolding: Save on labour and materials associated with scaffolding or outsourced companies.
  • Safe: Meets all current safety legislation and improves working at heights programs. Handrails can easily be installed where required.
  • Versatile: Flexible configurations allow for customized solutions. Can be configured into any shape or size and adapted for hard to get to areas.
  • Easy to use: Can be assembled be virtually anyone in a short period of time. No tools required and is easy to transport.  See how!
  • Expandable: LOBO can grow and adjust to any project by adding more standard components.

All legs, extensions and tubes are made from steel. Lo-Boards are made up of an aluminum box-section support with a birch plywood board, finished with a black non-slip surface. The birch plywood board can be substituted for a metallic aluminum diamond plate surface.

We have two options for product demonstrations. We can arrange:

  1. an on-site product demo which takes a bit of planning, or
  2. an online product demo. This gives you the whole experience of LOBO with less planning required.

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Aside from access equipment, here are some of the uses that we have provided:

  1. Stage/Bandstand
  2. Terracing
  3. Tents
  4. Engine Hoist

The LOBO system is best suited in any area where maintenance, cleaning or production is performed. Read how LOBO's customization helped a major Canadian brewery perform much needed servicing in a more efficient manner.

  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Facilities Management
  • Aviation and Aerospace

Yes, by loosening the 2 bolts on one side and adjusting the legs stability can normally be achieved.

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