Levitt-Safety is a proud distributor of the most innovative Safety Edge Protection products that provide safety, speed, and savings, and minimize liabilities. With a commitment to durability and on-site efficiency that’s evident in the design, performance and quality of these products, Safety Edge Protection offers safe perimeter access and secures working platforms in a variety of situations and climates. Levitt-Safety carries a full range of Safety Edge Protection products, and continues to create innovative and practical solutions for every building, from the traditional to the custom designed.

Edge Fan

Edge Fan by Integrity Worldwide is a modular net system for the exterior of site buildings where debris protection is required. It is constructed to be assembled on the ground/working floor and raised into position.

For maintenance work, like cleaning or for side building access, the installed fans can be easily folded inward in seconds.

integrity worldwide edge fan debris netting on corner of building

Manufacturing and Safety

Safety Edge Protection systems include fences and posts with built-in visual inspection gauges that are fully compliant with the relevant performance classes A and B of the BS EN 13374:2004 Standard, the OSHA standards in the USA, and the COHS standards in Canada. All Safety Edge Protection products are made to perform seamlessly in all seasons, from Canadian winter temperatures (-55ºC/ -67ºF) to Middle Eastern hot and humid climates. For personal fall protection, Levitt-Safety offers a reusable concrete anchorage connector, called the Safety Anchor. It features a visual indicator to alert the user that the Safety Anchor is secured and properly installed. It is designed for one person to hook his or her Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) at a time, to either one of the two available eye hooks.

Continuous Improvements

The high-rise construction industry is a highly competitive and budget-conscious market. Levitt-Safety continually strives to find products that are economical and cost-effective, while also looking for time-savings by making laborious jobs more practical. Such requirements and conditions have been a challenge to meet, not just in Canada, but in the high-rise construction industry worldwide. Levitt-Safety’s goal is to provide the ultimate Safety Edge Protection products and services that meet global standards and needs.

The Speed Edge System:

The Speed Edge System provides perimeter edge protection for the interior and exterior openings on under-construction buildings, with no loose pieces to misplace. Posts and fences are easily installed between concrete floors and ceilings, keeping the edge safe for workers on the construction site.

The Speed Edge System also provides durable temporary edge protection that incorporates many built-in safety features, eliminates the usual smaller components that are normally lost and damaged, and the compact design allows it to easily be moved around the site.

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