Working at heights is a fairly common work activity, but year after year, about one in six lost-time injuries in Canada results from falls.

These falls often result in major injuries, or even death. You have a duty to protect your workers by managing the risks they face when working at heights. Do you know how to assess and control the hazards that are associated with working at heights? Are you providing your employees with adequate fall prevention and fall protection? Most of the deaths that result from falls while working at heights happen because fall protection was missing, or not used at all.

When Do I Need to Use Fall Protection?

  • when working on an unguarded structure or vehicle at a height of more than 2.4 meters from the nearest permanent safe level, or above any moving parts of machinery or any other surface or thing that could cause injury to a person on contact
  • when working on a temporary structure at a height of more than 6 meters above a permanent safe level
  • when working on a ladder at a height of 2.4 meters above the nearest permanent safe level where the person is unable to use at least one hand to hold onto the ladder

Levitt-Safety carries fall protection products from 3M, Honeywell, and MSA that meet or exceed local standards. If you need help selecting the appropriate fall protection equipment for your employees, get in touch with us today – we can even help you build an entire Working at Heights Program!

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