LeVert Liquid Chemical Decontamination Solution

LeVert is designed to decontaminate vertical surfaces such as:

  • equipment
  • hydraulic hoses
  • hard-to-access areas, and
  • chemical suits and PPE.

LeVert will declassify chemical hazards, which helps to make clean-up safer and easier. It can also be used in daily wash-down routines to decontaminate chemical suits or workstations.

person in chemical suit using le vert to clean equipment

How LeVert works for chemical spills:

When a chemical spill happens, chances are the liquid won’t fall neatly on the floor. Instead, it goes everywhere. Contamination is common on walls, ceilings, mechanical parts, equipment, hoses, PPE and more. Spills cause equipment to corrode and degrade. It also costs companies a lot of money to replace parts and machinery.

LeVert is a quick and effective neutralizer for acidic and basic chemicals. It’s the perfect solution for corrosive decontamination of surfaces and machinery without the need for expensive hazmat cleanup. LeVert declassifies hazardous contamination into non-hazardous.

Other benefits of LeVert:

  • Suppress chemical fumes: LeVert neutralizes chemicals at the molecular level.
  • Protects against secondary contamination: LeVert eliminates the chemical risk by neutralizing chemicals. Surfaces and PPE are completely free of chemical residue to eliminate secondary chemical exposure.
  • Not hazardous to humans or the environment: LeVert can be used in a daily wash-down routine without any health or environmental risks. It allows for frequent workstation decontaminations which reduce the chances of chemical injuries and prolong equipment life cycles.
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