Storage cabinets for hazardous materials:

Research environments use may hazardous chemical and each has its own special storage requirements.

Keeping incompatible compounds separate is critical to avoid disastrous explosions or fire. This includes:

  • acids
  • bases
  • oxidizers, or
  • water-reactive substances.

Review the safety data sheet (SDS)

You must review the safety data sheet (SDS) for recommended storage practices based on chemical characteristics.

The storage conditions in your workplace should be based on workplace-specific factors:

  • the hazards of the product (health, fire and reactivity),
  • the amounts in storage,
  • types of containment (bulk or smaller containers), and
  • the way the product is used.

Storage Practices

Do store:

  • Using approved containers. Be aware of any special venting requirements (e.g. for flammables, corrosives).

Do not store:

  • Chemicals in alphabetical order, expect within a grouping of compatible chemicals.
  • Materials in a fumehood unless the hood is dedicated to that purpose.
  • Chemicals in a domestic refrigerator or freezer.
  • Incompatible materials together. Dangerous combinations include:
    • Acids + Bases
    • Flammables + Oxidizers
    • Water Reactives + Aqueous Solutions

Types of hazardous material cabinets:

Levitt-Safety carries a variety of hazardous material cabinets from Justrite. Justrite designs its cabinets to meet the requirements of the NFPA 400 Hazardous Material Code.

Each cabinet features:

  • Double-wall construction and dual vents
  • A ten-year warranty
  • Grounding wire connections
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Leakproof sills
  • Three-point self-latching doors and leveling feet
  • Haz-Alert™ reflective label reading “Hazardous – Keep Fire Away”
  • 10-pack of application-specific labels to state the cabinet’s contents
  • Self-closing doors to reduce risk or harm

Countertop hazardous material cabinet:

product image for countertop hazardous material cabinetCountertop storage cabinets let you customize your work area and make the most of available space.

These cabinets are great when space is at a premium. You can add them to existing storage space or make chemicals available at workstations.

Also available in an under-the-counter model.

Piggyback hazardous material cabinet:

product image of piggyback hazardous material cabinetsPiggyback cabinets create a safe storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

Justrite designed the piggyback cabinets to mount on top of the standard 30- and 45-gallon safety cabinets.

You can also use these cabinets as a wall-mounted unit or on a countertop.

Full-sized hazardous material cabinet:

product image of full-sized hazardous material cabinetsComes in one-door, two-door, slimline and full-sized options. These cabinets let you protect workers, reduce fire risks and improve productivity by conveniently storing flammable fuels and chemicals.

Full-sized options come in 30-gallon or 45-gallon sizes.

All Justrite cabinets follow NFPA 1, NFPA 400 Hazardous Material Code and the International Fire Code. Cabinets are FM approved and come with a ten-year warranty.

Get a quote:

Levitt-Safety can help you choose the right hazmat cabinet size for your space. For more information or to get a quote, fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you.

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