Emergency Shower and Eyewash Stations

Solves 3 most common compliance issues by providing

  1. Simultaneous flow
  2. Non-injurious controlled flow
  3. Even eyewash flow patterns

Reduces injuries

The inverted eye/face wash water streams gently flush contaminants away from sensitive glands and ducts around the eye to reduce unnecessary injury.

Integral flow control

Predictable eye/face wash stream heights and laminar flow provide consistent pressure for greater user comfort.

ANSI compliant

Units are certified to meet the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 Standard for emergency eyewash and shower equipment for a full 15-minute flush.


AXION® MSR Wall Mount Eye/Face Wash

  • Inverted flow design
  • Sweeps contaminants away from the nasal cavity
  • Even laminar flow for enhanced comfort

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AXION® MSR Pedestal Mount Eye/Face Wash

  • Inverted flow design
  • Sweeps contaminants away from the nasal cavity
  • Even laminar flow for enhanced comfort

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Upgrade your equipment

Doing a complete replacement of your equipment can be costly and may not be necessary. In many cases, retrofit kits can be used to update your emergency equipment and allow your site to become compliant for a fraction of the cost.

The kit is designed to upgrade systems from most standard wall and pedestal mounted eyewash stations manufactured by Acorn®, Bradley®, Encon®, Guardian® and Speakman®.

AXION Advantage® Upgrade Kit

The AXION Advantage kit is ANSI compliant when installed correctly based on manufacturer guidelines and when tested against the ANSI Z358.1 checklist included with the product. The materials provided offer complete ANSI compliance tools and instructions. At the current time, ANSI does not regulate product brands, models or the interchange of product components.

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Is your equipment compliant?

88% of emergency showers and eyewash units are non-compliant due to performance-related issues including inadequate flow rates, temperatures and water pressure levels.

Another 10% of units are not compliant due to secondary factors including providing improper signage, blocked entranceways and poor lighting.

Emergency shower and eyewash stations play the most significant role in first-aid protocols. They are an essential tool for reducing workplace injuries.

In fact, when an emergency rinsing station is used, deep tissue burns from acids are reduced from 63% to 12.5%. The number of days in hospital is also reduced with proper emergency treatment from 20.5 to 7.5 days.

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Emergency equipment resources

shower and eyewash checklist

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station Checklist

Ensure your emergency stations are compliant.

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webinar recording presented in partnership with Haws

All You Need to Know About ANSI Z358.1

Watch our free webinar to learn about the standard.

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