If a situation arises where there is a hazardous condition and the worker does not leave or is unable to leave the confined space, rescue procedures should be begin immediately.

The Safety Watch is qualified in confined spaces rescue procedures and will be available immediately outside the confined space to provide emergency assistance if needed. The Safety Watch should be familiar with the structural design of the confined space. The Safety Watch is in constant communication with the worker inside the confined space and will:

  • Have an alarm for calling for help.
  • Have all required rescue equipment (for example, safety harnesses, lifting equipment, and a lifeline) immediately available and be trained in its use.
  • Hold a basic first aid certificate.
  • Can do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

The detailed plan for emergency response to an injury or other emergency within the confined space should be described in detail in the Confined Space Hazard Assessment and Control Program. We can help you create it, and train your employees on implementing it.

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