It’s critical to continuously monitor and test the atmosphere in a confined space for potentially hazardous gases. Choosing the correct portable gas monitor is an important element of your Confined Space Hazard Assessment and Control Program, so you need to take the features of your multigas detector into consideration before making a final decision.

Your multigas detector should monitor for oxygen, flammable gases, and potentially toxic air contaminants that could be present in the confined space as a result of the work that takes place in or around it. Your monitor should also have an internal or external pump capable of drawing sample air into your fresh air monitoring point during the initial testing of the confined space, and be capable of continuously monitoring it. You may also require additional accessories like sample probes, carrying cases, and rechargeable batteries to properly perform your testing.

The majority of multigas detectors on the market today feature bright visual and loud audible alarms to alert workers to potential hazards. Internal dataloggers record all of the information your gas detector receives, making documentation of your records and references future assessments more efficient.


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