Confined space entry is often more hazardous than other work spaces, and it can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned of employees. Confined spaces are often in dark, enclosed, and claustrophobic environments, usually harsh and unfriendly, designed to provide a very specific function. By their very definition, confined spaces are not designed for continuous human occupancy, and entrants can’t rely on their surroundings for familiarity or comfort.

Continuous electronic voice communication is one of the only ways to provide entrants with the peace-of-mind and security they need to perform their jobs effectively. Safety attendants and rescuers are able to maintain contact with entrants, assisting them with their tasks, providing a friendly voice, and getting in touch with emergency services immediately should an incident occur. Good communication provides protection to employees.

The type of confined space you’re working in will determine the voice communication equipment you’ll want to use. Confined spaces can be very noisy environments, and some will require intrinsically safe options.

Whether you use two-way radio systems or a hardline intercom, care has to be taken with how you’ll achieve communication between your workers.

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