Trivorex® is a universal neutralizing absorbent designed to tackle all types of liquid chemical spills, including acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents, solvents, and hydrocarbons (oils).

Trivorex® provides a simplified, single product response protocol for cleaning up chemical spills that makes cleanup a much safer – and more efficient – process.

Like most absorbents, Trivorex® will solidify or gel chemical liquids on contact, but unlike a lot of chemical absorbents on the market, Trivorex® leaves behind no chemical residues thanks to its high absorption capacity.

  • Trivorex® will neutralize acidic and basic chemicals, rendering them completely harmless
  • Trivorex® helps identify chemical hazards with a corresponding colour change based on the pH level, turning red for acids and blue for bases. Trivorex® then returns to its original pale yellow colour once the chemical has been neutralized, indicating the absorbent is now safe to collect and dispose of.

Major advantages

  • Universal effectiveness on all liquid products, eliminating the chances of user error
  • Rapidly suppresses chemical vapours, making clean up safer
  • Neutralizes corrosive risks
  • Identifies acidic and basic liquids through a colour change
  • High absorption capacity, leaving being no chemical residues
  • Ensures an immediate hazard decrease and a simple and unique solution in the contaminated area
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in 700 g shakers (case of 4) and 10 kg buckets

Trivorex® is safe for both the user and the environment, and capable of neutralizing a chemical’s aggressiveness before its disposal.

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