While spill kits are a great product to have to help you deal with spilled chemicals, they aren’t the only product you should consider when creating and maintaining your organisation’s spill control program.

Drum plugs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be used for plugging punctures in different types of vessels, from drums and totes, all the way to train tankers.  These can be secured by magnets, tourniquet straps, or even zip ties to hold them in place as a temporary seal while you transfer the remaining fluids into another vessel.

Drain plug and covers can be used as quick response items to prevent spilled chemicals from entering drains and contaminating storm water systems and the environment – the leading causes of pollution to lakes and rivers. These products can be simply deployed over or into a drain to protect our waterways from a variety of hazards like chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, sediment, litter, and other pollutants.

Spill berms are the ultimate catch cans. Whether used underneath leaky machinery or a transport tanker, spill berms are portable pools that can be deployed to create a catch basin for chemical products that prevent environmental contamination. These can be constructed to custom sizes to fit practically any spill control situation.

Whatever your spill control need, whether typical or completely unique, Levitt-Safety will find a solution perfectly suited to your organization. Contact us today for more information.

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