LeVert Liquid Chemical Decontamination Solution

When a chemical spill occurs, chances are the liquid won’t fall neatly straight onto the floor where it can be easily contained and cleaned up with an appropriate absorbent. Chemical spills have the potential to contaminate walls, ceilings, mechanical parts,costly capital equipment, hoses, PPE, and other surfaces, causing them to corrode and degrade faster – and costing companies more money in replacement parts and items than necessary.

Le Vert is a chemical decontamination fluid that neutralizes acidic and basic chemical products to quickly and effectively decontaminate corrosive chemicals. This makes Le Vert the perfect solution for the corrosive chemical decontamination of surfaces and machinery without the need for costly hazmat cleanup – it takes a hazardous contamination and quickly turns it into a non-hazardous.

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Decontaminate Equipment Cost Effectively

Le Vert works to neutralize corrosive chemicals that have contaminated a variety of surfaces, which helps to avoid serious damage to expensive equipment caused by caustic chemical corrosion.

Suppression of Chemical Fumes

Harmful vapors and fumes are suppressed because Le Vert neutralizes chemicals at the molecular level.

Protection Against Secondary Contamination

Le Vert eliminates the chemical risk by neutralizing chemicals, so surfaces and PPE are completely free of chemical residue to eliminate secondary chemical exposure.

Non-Hazardous to Humans and the Environment

Le Vert can be used in a daily wash-down routine without any health or environmental risks, allowing for frequent workstation decontaminations which reduce the chances of chemical injuries and prolongs equipment life cycles.

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