Diphoterine® Solution is a sterile, active washing solution used to treat skin and eye tissue that has come in contact with a corrosive chemical.

While water is often thought of as the preferred treatment for chemical contact on skin and eyes, Diphoterine® solution is proven to deliver better outcomes compared to passive water washing.

Designed to address the limitations of water while maintaining its positive effects, Diphoterine® solution helps eliminate and reduce injuries related to chemical burns.

How it Works:

  • Provides the important mechanical flushing effect from skin and eye tissue
  • Rapidly restores physiological pH balance on skin and eye tissue after a corrosive splash
  • Prevents further penetration of the chemical into tissue cells and begins to reverse the flow back to the surface
  • Provides superior cooling effects (when compared to water) on the tissue following a chemical exposure

Benefits of Washing with Diphoterine® Solution:

  • Increases intervention time to 60 seconds, versus the allowable 10 seconds with water
  • Allows immediate access through visible wall mounted stations, portable units at risk site, or individual equipment
  • Easy to apply, allowing for comfortable rinsing of skin or eye tissue and providing immediate pain relief
  • Inactivates aggressiveness of all acidic, basic, and irritant chemicals

Diphoterine® solution is a Health Canada Licensed Class 2 Medical Device that can help your organisation eliminate or reduce chemical injuries caused by corrosive chemicals.

Time of contact and what you do during time of contact is critical to preventing injuries caused by corrosive chemicals.

And if your chemical risk is hydrofluoric acid, please visit our Hexafluorine page.

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