How to clean up a chemical spill in your workplace:

Chemicals are used to some degree in every single workplace – from industrial plants to labs and agriculture – and even in office environments.

Are your employees trained to deal with chemical spills?

Prevention is the best solution when it comes to dealing with chemicals, but when a spill occurs, employees should be able to immediately assess the situation to determine if the spill has created a serious or life-threatening situation requiring evacuation. A spill of a few millimeters of solvent might not pose a major hazard, but a sizable volume of flammable liquid is an entirely different story. Even a few litres of a volatile, flammable liquid in a small room could produce enough vapours to be considered in the flammable range. Add in a spark, flame, or even a hot surface, and you’ve got the recipe for a fire that could engulf the entire room.

Regardless of the kind of chemical that you’re working with, any workplace with chemicals on site must implement the right procedures to reduce the potential for spills. Make sure your employees are trained how to handle, transport and store chemicals, and how to react in the event of a spill.

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