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Medical Goggles

Levitt-Safety Part Number: MWT060

  • Price $3.60 EA
  • Case $540.00 (150 per case)
  • Non-vented, PVC frame, anti-fog, anti-scratch, PC lens, CE certified, CE:EN166:2001
  • MWT060 Spec Sheet
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Medical Disposable Face Shield Anti-Fog

Medical Disposable Face Shield Anti-Fog

Levitt-Safety Part Number: MWT080

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Uvex by Honeywell A700 protective glass, universal, frameless clear frame, anti scratch clear lens

Uvex® by Honeywell A700 Protective Glasses

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EWA700

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Pyramex S3510SJ OTS safety glasses, clear lens, anti scratch

Pyramex OTS Safety Glasses with Clear Lens and Black Temples

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EPS3510SJ

  • Price $3.69 EA
  • OTG - Designed to fit over prescription eye wear
  • Lightweight nylon temples adjust for length and pitch
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Pyramex I-force slim lightweight safety glasses anti fog clear lens, dual framed black nylon frame

Pyramex® I-Force® Slim Lightweight Safety Glasses Anti-Fog Clear Lens

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EPSB7010SDNT

  • Price $21.39 EA
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OTG Wraparound Safety Glasses in Dispenser

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EM9800XLD

  • Price $35.16 Box
  • 12 Pairs Per Box
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Uvex Genesis Wraparound Safety Glass

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EUS3200HS

  • Price $11.95 EA
  • 10 Per Box
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Kleenguard 20378 Nemesis safety glasses

Nemesis Safety Glasses

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EK20378

  • Price $5.33 EA
  • Clear lens CSA safety eyewear
  • Sporty, flexible, lightweight design with soft-touch temples
  • Large, single-lens wraparound protection
  • Every pair includes a neck cord
  • Comes with black frame
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Nemesis safety glasses with dark lens

Nemesis Safety Glasses with Dark Lens

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EK20380

  • Price $6.18 EA
  • Expected Date in Our Warehouse: November 2, 2021
  • Sporty, flexible, and lightweight design
  • Enhanced nosepiece design with integrated ridges to divert sweat
  • Includes a neck cord
  • Polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UVA/UVB/UVC protection
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Sellstrom 390 Series Replacement Visor

Levitt-Safety Part Number: ESS35000

  • Price $11.15
  • Expected dates in our warehouse: Special Order
  • 8” x 12” x 0.040”
  • Clear
  • Anti-fog windows constructed with an acetate material
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Reusable medical face shield with adjustable headband

Reusable Medical Face Shield with Adjustable Headband

Levitt-Safety Part Number: ESMFS320

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WASIP aluminum headgear bracket attaches to cap

WASIP Aluminum Headgear Bracket Attaches to Cap

Levitt-Safety Part Number: BSP310800

  • Price $12.93 EA
  • Universal locking brackets cams, securely hold faceshield
  • Easy window attachment and removal
  • Bracket fit most conventional hard hats
  • Faceshield sold separately
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Sellstrom reusable face shield with blue crown

Sellstrom Reusable Face Shield with Blue Crown

Levitt-Safety Part Number: ESS39110

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WASIP Flat Faceshield

WASIP Flat Faceshield

Levitt-Safety Part Number: EW243700

  • Price $3.52 EA
  • Bracket sold separately
  • Molded from high strength clear PCTG
  • Locks into place with swivel type locks that provide frontal and lateral protection
  • Easy to attach to headgear and bracket
  • 8 X 15.5 dimensions and .4" thick
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MSA 10115836 V-Gard Visor, Contoured, Clear PC (8"x17"x.04")

MSA V-Gard® Contoured Faceshield Visor, Clear, Polycarbonate

Levitt-Safety Part Number: MSA10115836

  • Price $5.72 EA
  • 8 in H x 17 in W x 0.04 in THK Visor
  • For Use With V-Gard® Frames and Headgear
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MSA V-Gard® 10187162 Accessory Cap Frame

MSA V-Gard® Accessory Cap Frame

Levitt-Safety Part Number: MSA10187162

  • Price $19.10 EA
  • Without debris control
  • Universal strap
  • Quicker visor installation and removal
  • For Use With All MSA V-Gard® Caps
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