Fogmaker Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fogmaker International has manufactured fire suppression systems which use water mist for the engine compartments of heavy machinery since 1995.  The course of event of a fire in an engine compartment is often fast and difficult to suppress with only a hand extinguisher.  Benefits of water mist includes unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and chokes fires, limiting the amount of damage in the engine compartment.  A small amount of foam additive simultaneously and effectively prevents the fire from reigniting by creating a blanket around the entire engine compartment.

With the hydro pneumatic fire detection, the suppression system works with the same effect even when the electricity supply is disconnected. The system is also position independent (if the machine is laying on the side or up- side-down).  The extinguishing fluid that is generated from the water mist is environment friendly and it is easy to wash away.

The installation of a Fogmaker suppression system is normally completed in less than one working day and re-setting a released suppression system is often simpler, easier, faster and less expensive compared with powder or foam suppression systems.

This very reliable high-pressure suppression system has been designed for specialized vehicles in demanding environments. This includes areas such as buses, forest machines, mine machines and contractor machinery.

Fogmaker Truck Application Manual


Fogmaker Vehicle Fire Suppression Brochure


Fogmaker Machinery Application Manual


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