Safety Prescription Eyewear

Eye and vision related injuries can be very costly to your company’s most valuable asset: your employees. Protecting workers from on the job eye injuries has always been our number one goal. To achieve that goal, we have built a complete safety eyewear program that is stylish, comprehensive, economical and available across Canada.

Our program also separates itself in the marketplace in three specific ways:

One Supplier, One Source

Our Safety Prescription Eyewear team handles every aspect of the process (lab, distributor, and dispenser) ensuring your safety prescription eyewear is done right the first time and any product answers are just a phone call away.

quality and compliance

Our program features a wide-range of safety prescription frames made by ArmouRX , and our own in-house Levitt-Safety brand. Frames comply with current CSA Z94.3-07 or ANSI Z87.1 requirements and all prescription eyewear is manufactured in accordance with CSA requirements.

no hidden costs – ever

Our program contains no hidden costs or pricing variables. Our simplified cost structure includes choice of frame, CR39 Plastic or lightweight Polycarbonate lenses, permanent side shields, SRC2 front and back lens surface scratch resistant coating, protective case, premium cleaning cloth and dispensing fee (in most Provinces).

Partnering with Levitt-Safety for your safety prescription eyewear is program is easy, cost effective and most importantly, keeps your eyes protected. Here’s how it works:

  1. Obtain an authorization form from your supervisor and fill it out.
  2. Take your form and lens prescription to your approved local dispenser. Not sure who that is? Ask your supervisor or plan administrator for a list of approved dispensers in your area!
  3. Choose your CSA-approved frames. Remember to consider the tasks you will be performing on the job and choose accordingly.
  4. Your dispenser will contact you when your new glasses are ready – usually within five to seven days.  Your dispenser will ensure your new glasses are properly fitted and meet all required safety standards.

That’s it! Still not convinced? Contact us today for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation.

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