Vending Solutions

Levitt-Safety’s Vending Solution is a powerful tool for employers to manage their PPE inventory while providing employees the 24/7 access they need to critical safety supplies.

Vending Advantages

  • Reduce consumption by 30%
  • Provide leading safety indicators
  • Increase time on the job with point of use
  • Easily forecast expected usage
  • Reliable cost allocation for jobs, departments
  • Reduce workload on stores and purchasing

Software Advantages

  • Cloud software requires no downloads
  • Safe, secure, and protected data
  • Visibility from anywhere, anytime
  • Automated reordering process
  • Easy to learn and scale up
  • Powerful automated reporting

Coil Machines

  • 60 Coil Capacity
  • Configurable to accommodate different products
  • Connection to lockers for additional flexibility
  • Guaranteed-Vend drop sensor
  • 72” High x 39” Wide x 37” Deep

Locker Machines

  • Controlled by coil machine or with optional standalone controller
  • Power outlets may be added to locker bays
  • 18 door locker machines available in two versions
  • Varied Door Size
    • 7-7/8” H X 11-1/4” W X 24” D
    • 11-1/2” H X 11-1/4” W X 24” D
    • 22-1/2” H X 11-1/4”W X 24” D
  • Identical Size Doors
    • 11-1/2” H X 11-1/4” W X 24” D

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