Shoebox Audiometry

SHOEBOX Audiometry is the world’s first automated iPad audiometer. More than simply portable, SHOEBOX performs diagnostic hearing testing using a modified Hughson-Westlake protocol. It is optimized—and validated—for use outside of a sound booth thanks to its patent pending Response and Environment Adaptive Control Technology (REACT™). REACT ensures test accuracy by continuously monitoring patient response behavior and environmental conditions such as ambient noise levels. It alerts administrators when it detects anomalies that may impact results accuracy, enabling immediate corrective action. Comprised of the testing equipment, a web-based data management system, professional services, and Customer Care, SHOEBOX is the easiest to use and most portable audiometric system available on the market today. Ideal for mobile clinicians, physicians, clinical researchers, occupational hearing conservationists, and more, SHOEBOX packs all the power of a traditional audiometer into a small, mobile form factor. The system offers a variety of flexible testing options, from self-testing to test administration by hearing health professionals and even nonaudiologists.

Shoebox Audiometry
Shoebox Audiometry Shoebox Audiometry Shoebox Audiometry Shoebox Audiometry


  • Easy-to-use, portable, and automated
  • Pure tone: air conduction with masking
  • Intelligent algorithm addresses background noise and unreliable responses
  • Automated shift detection
  • Extended high frequencies (to 16kHz)
  • Paperless Data Management capabilities
  • Embedded inventories and custom questionnaires
  • Easy-to-use – almost anyone can administer a diagnostic hearing test
  • Clinically validated to produce accurate results
  • Automated baseline shift detections
  • Fast and scalable – run multiple systems simultaneously
  • Can be used to help with OSHA and MSHA compliance and reporting requirements
  • Import historic patient demographic and audiogram reports
  • Integrated custom questionnaires
  • Paperless data management

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