Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps

Robust and rugged personal safety products

Northern Light Technologies is a proud producer of advanced safety and productivity technologies for underground mining, tunneling, and heavy industry. Since 1984, their high-quality cap lamps have been engineered to provide workers with the best lighting and safety in the harshest environments.

Northern Light® Cap Lamp Systems have been crafted for maximum durability and comfort, while offering the superior light pattern and focused spot that miners expect from NLT’s orange cap lamps.

NLT has a history of industry firsts, delivering innovations in mine safety technology. Built on the success of the award-winning Polaris, the Genesis is the industry’s first cordless cap lamp with the ability to integrate RFID and Wi-Fi tracking tags.

NLT offers products for unique mining needs, from MSHA and IECEx approved all-in-ones to proximity warning and wifi-tracking cap lamps.

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Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps
Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps Northern Light® Mining Cap Lamps

POLARIS: MSHA, ATEX, and IECEx approved cordless, all-in-one cap lamp.

Consisting of only a headpiece, the award-winning Polaris cap lamp is ruggedly crafted for use in the most harsh and dangerous environments, including underground mining and tunneling operations. The Polaris is certified intrinsically safe to IECEx, M1, and US standards by ATEX, Testsafe, and MSHA.

Polaris uses a high-capacity lithium ion battery and an LED light source that is housed in a single high-impact, dust, and water-resistant plastic shell (IP67). Incorporating two light sources plus an emergency flashing beacon mode, the main light output ranges from a minimum of 5,000 LUX, to a typical 6,500 LUX. The Polaris also offers the lowest cost of ownership for any cap lamp on the market.

Rebel: Industrial Workhorse

The Rebel is Northern Light Technologies’ rugged, cordless cap lamp designed for outdoor and industrial applications.

The tough, high powered and hands-free Rebel is compact in design and provides five hours of constant high beam light, or up to 20 hours at medium output.  LED that lasts for at least 20,000 hours, the Rebel is a portable, all-in-one LED cap lamp with three light settings, including a super-high 11,000 Lux beam and low beam at minimum of 3,000 Lux.  Color filters allow for maximum light and visibility while the light source includes a patented reflector for the ultimate light output and a perfectly focused spot. The high-powered lithium Ion battery can be recharged over 500 times, reducing unnecessary waste and saving you money.  The Rebel is mountable to a wide variety of headgear, including hats, helmets, belts, clothing, machinery, and vehicles.

ECLIPSE: Never a Dull Moment

The Eclipse IS cap lamp system from Northern Light Technologies boasts reliable power for up to 14 hours with its compact, lithium-ion battery – but weighs less than a pound! Featuring a super bright LED lamp, the Eclipse is designed for outstanding impact resistance and supports both Wi-Fi and RFID tags for tracking purposes. Besides its reduced weight and size, the Eclipse is surprisingly affordable, comes with a one year warranty and is MSHA, ATEX and IECEx approved for use in hazardous environments.

MESSENGER: Not Just a Cap Lamp!

Not only a cap lamp, the Messenger RT cap lamp is a robust, simple two-way text messaging device from Northern Light Technologies® (NLT) that provides powerful real time communication in a convenient and intuitive package.  The 433 receiver embedded in the unit allows the lamp to be tracked by placing NLT active RFID tags in key locations; this tag information is then sent to the server by the lamp via the Wi-Fi network.  Free text messages (up to 60 characters) are sent via the Wi-Fi network through Northern Light Technologies’ Digital Mine Software and received by the cap lamp user within seconds.

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