Air Sampling

Air sampling is a necessary process often used in indoor environments and industrial workplaces where chemical agents are produced or used. However, not many people actually know the process behind this important procedure, and why it plays such an important role in producing a safe working environment for workers. Simply put, air sampling is the process of analyzing and detecting varieties and quantities of contaminants in a particular environment.

This important process is carried out using sampling devices which will evaluate and measure samples of the atmospheric air. Some of the most hazardous atmospheric dangers are man-made chemical compounds like vapours, gases and particulates, which are particles of a liquid or solid that is dispersed in the air. These are some of the most crucial contaminants that need to be measured during the air sampling process and can appear as mist, dust or smoke.

Levitt-Safety carries air sampling products from Sensidyne. If you need help choosing the right air sampling instrument for your work environment, get in touch with us today.


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