Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Large mobile and specialty equipment is susceptible to fire for a number of reasons. Many operate virtually non-stop, running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They use a variety of flammable liquids, like lubricating oils, diesel fuels, greases, and hydraulic fluids, and generate considerable amounts of heat from engine blocks, manifolds, turbochargers, electrical components, and brake systems. If a fire occurs, the results can be dramatic.

Operator safety is of the upmost importance in designing vehicle fire suppression systems, along with mitigating the potential for expensive repair or replacement of valuable assets. Vehicle systems can range from simple to incredibly complex and include options like automatic detection or manual activation, and some even incorporate data-logging, IR and thermal detection abilities.

Extensive downtime and business interruption can result in an even greater expense, since these types of equipment can take months to replace. Most importantly, fire can mean serious injury to the equipment operator. Insurance companies are well aware of these risks, causing insurance rates to increase and coverage hard to come by.

The types of vehicle suppression systems widely vary according to industry, we’ll explore in more depth below.


Fires pose one of the greatest safety threats to mines. You need a fire suppression solution that keeps your crew and equipment safe, your mine operating. Levitt-Safety offers dependable, fast-acting fire suppression solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers including with a full range of options depending on your mining needs, including:


Ansul’s A-101 and New Generation Checkfire 110 and 210 Fire Suppression System provides the ultimate protection for mining equipment and specialty vehicles. The FORAY dry chemical agent quickly combats fires in ordinary combustible materials, flammable liquids and fire involving energized electrical equipment.


Kidde Fire Systems offers unique protection to your mining operation from any type of fire hazard, including electrical, hydrocarbon and debris. The DCS Suppression System uses a dependable ABC dry chemical powder with a full 90% potency to provide solid fire stopping capability.


Amerex’s Dual Release System utilizes durable stainless steel tubing for a corrosion resistant distribution network. Amerex’s new liquid agent “ICE” agent can be used independently or as part of this dual agent system with the cylinders being available in a vertical or horizontal orientation to meet the most difficult applications.


The constant churn of waste disposal equipment surrounded by flammable waste materials creates a fire hazard for waste management facilities and equipment operators. Under these extreme conditions, you need a fire suppression solution you can count on, including:


Ansul’s Twin-Agent Fire Suppression System provides the ultimate protection against hydraulic oil leaks and trash accumulation. While the FORAY dry chemical knocks down flames, the LVS agent cools surrounding areas minimizing the possibility of reflash.


Kidde Sentinel™ suppression protects against fires starting in the machine or in the refuse material itself. Options include both dry chemical agent and AquaGreen™ XT aqueous agent. AquaGreen is ideally suited to the mixture of Class B fuel and Class A debris that can accumulate on machines.


Amerex’s Single Release System holds the fire suppression agent in a state that prevents contamination thus reducing maintenance costs. The control panel can initiate the cylinder discharge and simultaneously stop the flow of flammable fluids to reduce overall damage which is also available in single or dual zone protection.


The ravages of fire can create lasting damage to some of our most precious, natural resources – or it can destroy the mobile equipment used to harvest them. You need a solution that protects our most valuable assets.


Ansul offers high-performance foam fire solutions for the protection of mobile logging equipment. Specifically designed for compartments which inhibit access for routine cleaning, the foam agents reduce the surface tension of water providing superior wetting and deep penetrating characteristics to promote cooling and provide an insulating blanket.


Kidde Fire Systems offers a complete range of products to protect your timber operation from fire, no matter how harsh the environment. The Kidde Sentinel Vehicle System is an integrated fire protection solution that includes state-of-the-art detection and control. Coupled with a tailored suppression package, the Sentinel System is flexible and easy to maintain.


The Amerex Vehicle Systems are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The cylinders are resistant to corrosion and contain a brass gauge guard to protect the stored pressure in rugged environments. This can be combined with an anti-vibration control panel which operates in temperatures of -40F to +165F. Fogmaker high pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in remote locations. Water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. The water mist’s ability to quickly extinguish the fire limits the amount of damage.


The engine compartment in a bus is narrow and hot, with many potential hotbeds. A hot engine shares a limited space with hydraulics and fuel tubes, electric installations, compressors, heaters and much more that can constitute fire hazards.


The Amerex Small Vehicle System (SMVS) is designed specifically for applications involving front engine vehicles. The electronics portion of the system is made up of a Vehicle Operator Display with Manual Release Push Button, a wiring Interface Module and two Solid State Heat Detectors. The system is continuously supervised which can detect and actuate the system even when the vehicle is not in use.


Fogmaker brings an innovative, safe, water-based solution to protecting engine compartments. Unique to water mist is the fact that it fills the entire engine compartment and reaches fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles, which limits the amount of damage in the engine compartment. With Fogmaker’s Hydro Pneumatic fire detection, the suppression system works with the same effect even when the electricity supply is disconnected which is also position independent.

Not sure which fire suppresison system is appropriate for your vehicle type? Get in touch with us today – we can help guide you through the process.


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