Diphoterine® Solution by Prevor

Diphoterine® solution is a next-generation, sterile, active washing solution for skin and eyes that is used for the flushing of corrosive acidic, basic and irritant skin and eye splashes.

Diphoterine® solution is manufactured by Prevor Laboratories in France and has become a widely accepted protocol for the decontamination of chemical splashes throughout Europe, South Africa, Australia, South America – and now, Canada.

Designed to address the limitations of water, Diphoterine® solution boasts key benefits when flushing corrosive splashes to the skin or eyes. While water creates a mechanical washing effect and dilutes corrosives, its natural osmotic flow into skin tissue can potentially aid in the absorption of an aggressive chemical into tissue cells. Diphoterine® solution maintains the mechanical washing effects of water, while also creating a reverse osmotic flow that helps to protect tissue cells, rendering chemicals harmless through chelation and encapsulation, eliminating or reducing the severity of the burn.
An important factor when washing a corrosive splash is time of contact, so immediate access to a flushing system is key in affecting outcomes. Diphoterine® solution packaging configurations are designed to be portable and immediately accessible and will provide optimal results when used within the first 60 seconds after the splash has occurred.

  • Tested on over 1500 chemicals representing the majority of major chemical groups*
  • Works equally well on bases, acids, oxidizing and reducing agents, chelators, and solvents
  • Creates a reverse osmotic flow which draws the chemical from the skin or eye tissue
  • Encapsulates chemicals in seconds to render them harmless
  • Approved by Health Canada as a Class 2 Medical Device
  • Non-toxic and a non-irritant

* For a full list, please contact us. For hydrofluoric acid and its derivatives; please see Hexafluorine®.


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