Chemical Clothing

Chemical protective clothing shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement for engineering control methods. But since there are often few alternatives available – or an emergency (e.g., a spill) requires their use – you may need to incorporate protective clothing into your chemical handling program.

When researching what chemical resistant clothing and other PPE you may need, you’ll often find the phrase “Wear impervious (or impermeable) gloves,” on Safety Data Sheets (SDS). It’s important to keep in mind that this this is technically inaccurate. No glove material will remain impervious to a specific chemical forever. No one glove material is resistant to all chemicals. Some chemicals will travel through or permeate the glove in a few seconds, while other chemicals may take days or weeks.

Make sure you choose the clothing that will best protect you from the chemical(s) you’ll be working with. If you need help with the selection of your chemical protective clothing, get in touch with us today.

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