Chemical Storage

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) contain general recommendations for the safe storage of hazardous products. These recommendations provide a good starting point for deciding where and how the product should be stored. The storage conditions in your workplace should be based on workplace-specific factors:

  • the hazards of the product (health, fire and reactivity),
  • the amounts in storage,
  • types of containment (bulk or smaller containers), and
  • the way the product is used.

Storage Practices

  • USE approved containers. Be aware of any special venting requirements (e.g. for flammables, corrosives).
  • DO NOT STORE incompatible materials together.
  • Dangerous combinations include:
    • Acids + Bases
    • Flammables + Oxidizers
    • Water Reactives + Aqueous Solutions
  • DO NOT STORE chemicals in alphabetical order, except within a grouping of compatible chemicals.
  • DO NOT STORE materials in a fumehood unless the hood is dedicated to that purpose.
  • DO NOT STORE chemicals in a domestic refrigerator or freezer.

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