Tag Assignment and Mine Safety

The NLT Kiosk enables miners and visitors to sign out lamps and tracking tags when entering a mine and be registered into the mine’s tracking system through a simple user interface. The Kiosk is easy to use and removes the administrative burdens of assigning tracking tags to staff.  Powered by NLT Digital Mine, personnel and visitors are registered into a robust digital tracking solution, further ensuring their safety.


Built for Miners

To ensure fast and seamless operation, the Kiosk user interface has specifically been designed to ease the entrance process for staff. Registration can be completed via employee lists, or via an RFID card reader. The Kiosk automatically detects the tracking tag or lamp, and the user interface confirms assignment. Minimal training is required for daily operations.

Built for Mines

Designed for lamp rooms and mine entrance stations, the Kiosk has a large display in a small footprint and rugged metal enclosure. It can be floor mounted in any area with ethernet or line power.  The Kiosk can house a fully featured PC and can be customized for other mine applications, such as NLTV Dashboards, inspection reporting, or messaging.


“The workforce is just naturally gravitating to it. I wish all our roll-outs would go this smooth.” – Pilot hard-rock mine in Canada

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