Single Gas Detectors

MSA Altair Single Gas Detector (Badge)

  • Toxic gas and oxygen detectors can operate for over two years (depending upon alarm minutes used)
  • Offers superior dust and water protection, great RFI performance and features an excellent triple alarm system
  • Two bright LEDs and a piercing audible alarm (with vibrating option) help to ensure that no alarm condition will go unnoticed
  • Extremely small and thin sensor profile allows the detector to deliver high performance in a very small package
  • Oxygen models offer fast response time and will display numeric concentration readings with a single button press


Part Numbers

IMSA10092522 CARBON MONOXIDE (CO) 25 PPM 100 PPM $198.86
IMSA10092521 HYDROGEN SULPHIDE (H2S) 10 PPM 15 PPM $198.86 Buy Online
IMSA10092523 OXYGEN (O2) 19.5% VOL 23% VOL $198.86 Buy Online