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PSL Solar Powered Light Trailer

Save thousands in diesel by using environmental lighting solutions

The PLS Solar Powered Light Trailer by Hines is an area/security lighting alternative to traditional diesel powered light trailers. The latest advancements in LED flood lights and battery technology allows for systems that can work in Canada’s harshest winter temperatures.

Solar power is a renewable energy that does not produce any greenhouse gases or noise pollution, allowing your company to operate in an environmentally friendly fashion. Additionally, the Light Trailer reduces operational costs since fuel costs are completely eliminated, while remote monitoring tools reduce the complexity and frequency of any costs involved in operating and maintaining the units.

Capable of running three LED lights simultaneously, each of the PLS Light Trailer lights can be controlled independently with two settings – on/off, or automatic. The on/off setting functions like a typical light switch, while the automatic setting programs the lights to run during the night and turn off during daylight hours. On the automatic setting, the Light Trailer can run for approximately one week of continuous use without being charged!

The environmental batteries can last up to 10 years and perform in extreme temperatures. Once deployed, the lighting systems have no moving parts, minimizing the routine maintenance required.

PLS Light Trailers are available for purchase or rental*.  Contact us today for more information.

*Rental available in Edmonton and Fort McMurray area.