Industrial Hygiene / Environmental Monitoring

Gilian Personal Air Sampling Pump

The Gilian® 5000 Air Sampling Pump is the industry leader in back-pressure performance, reliability and ease-of-use. The pumps offer flow rates up to 5,000 cc/min - and thanks to several advanced features, the pump overcomes the main causes of sampling errors, saving you time and money.

The air flow display holds calibration for 30 days, even with atmospheric changes. The back-pressure capabilities of the Gilian 5000 are the highest in the industry for any personal sampling pump.


  • Fast-charge NiMH battery ends memory problems
  • Constant flow from 800 cc/min to 5,0000 cc/min, with low flow module 20 to 800 cc/min under constant pressure control
  • Programmable automatic restart when faults occur
  • Easy to understand and operate due to four-button design
  • Live flow display confirms proper pump operation

Gilian 3500 maintain constant flow between 700 cc to 3,500 cc/min & 20 to 750 cc/min with the Low Flow Module attached.