Industrial Hygiene / Environmental Monitoring

Airtec Disesel Particulate Monitor (DPM)

Airtec Diesel Particulate Monitors precisely replicate results from the NIOSH Method 5040 laboratory test, but with the advantage of anytime,anywhere flexibility. By replacing lab tests, Airtec can significantly decrease DPM monitoring costs while making it easier to prevent MSHA non-compliance.

With lightweight, wearable monitors and realtime alarms for high DPM levels, mine operators can dramatically transform their overexposure monitoring policies to enable a responsive, proactive approach to reducing DPM.


  • Designed for harsh environments
  • As rugged as they are sensitive
  • Large, bright, back-lit LCD
  • Download readings via USB
  • Added flexibility of installation on a miner’s belt or on vehicles, mine walls or ventilation equipment (An available output enables device networking and ventilation on demand)
  • Plus, the Lithium-ion battery provides power for more than a full shift