Industrial Hygiene / Environmental Monitoring

Aerotrak 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor

The AeroTrak® Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor 9000 indicates the surface area of nanoparticle aerosols that deposit in the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition curves for the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the human respiratory tract. The AeroTrak 9000 monitor is a portable, battery-operated diffusion charger and electrometer, with real-time surface area concentration readout and data logging capability.

The AeroTrak 9000 Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor’s easy-to-use color touch screen displays data and graphs in real time and shows statistics; including 8-hour time weighted average (TWA), and minimum, maximum and average surface area concentrations. You can also program custom sampling protocols. With convenient data logging and long battery life, the AeroTrak 9000 is ideal for workplace exposure monitoring, extended workplace sampling and research studies.


  • Field portable for use in workplace exposure monitoring and research studies
  • Survey mode for real-time readings of lung deposited surface area
  • Easy to use, color touch screen allows for complete instrument programming and operation
  • Integrated sampling pump for active sampling with a 1 µm 1000 nm) cyclone at 2.5 lpm
  • Data logging of surface area concentration for data analysis, reporting and record keeping
  • Rugged, durable stainless steel case for use in clean room applications


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