Hazmat Instruments


The Gasmet DX4040 FTIR gas analyzer can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated results in 25 seconds. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) provides reliable measurements with low detection limits & true multi-compound analysis capability. The library of measured gases can be changed by the user through an easy to use interface, providing exceptional flexibility and ability to any measurement requirement in the field.

Measurement with the DX4040 is easy; sample gas is drawn into the analyzer with a built-in pump trhough a handheld particle filter and Tycon tubing. The analyzer runs in continuous mode, measuring time-weighted averages of user definable length from one second to five minutes. The Gasmet DX4040 is capable of sub-ppm detection limits without using sorbent traps for sample pre-concentration, which guarantees fast response times. Zero calibration with clean air or nitrogen once a day is the only calibration required, carries gases, special test gases or other consumables are not needed.

Gasmet DX4040 can be used both in a back-pack and table-top configuration. The user can move freely in the measurement site and record concentrations at different locations. With the standard library, the Gasmet DX4040 is capable of detecting 25 different gases simultaneously. The capabilities of the analyzer can be further enhanced with the Calcmet Pro -software, which gives the user the access to a reference library of over 250 gases and 50 gas measurement capability. This is especially useful in situations where unknown gases are encountered.

Both battery and 230 VAC operations are possible. In battery use, operating time is 2.5 hours in Bluetooth mode. There is a filter for particulates inside the probe and no sample preparation is needed. The lightweight analyzer (weigth ~14 kg with battery) can be used with or without the durable Teflon coated backpack.


  • Cost effective: no consumables, stable calibrations, low maintenance costs
  • Easy-to-use solution: single button operation and on screen instructions
  • Portability: battery operation and wireless communication
  • Rapidness: no sample preparation, shortest measuring time is only five seconds
  • Post-measurement analysis and unknown identification from huge Gasmet reference collection


Gasmet DX4040 is standard equipped with an IP67 rated PDA (Personal digital assistant) and Calcmet Lite software. Large touchscreen buttons and keypad are easy to use even in demanding field conditions. The communication between the analyzer module and PDA is wireless with Bluetooth protocol. Built-in GPS and digital camera can be used to link measurements to geographic coordinates and a photograph of emission site. All measured data is stored in PDA and can be sent as e-mail messages with the built-in 3G modem and Wireless LAN adapter. Calcmet Lite allows simultaneous analysis of 25 gases. The results are shown literally with a touch of a button on the screen of an industrial grade pda and can be easily transferred to a pc with usb connection.