Gastec Gas Sampling Pump

Hot Probe and Holder

Since the Gastec Detector Tubes should only be used in the temperature range of 0 - 40ºC (32º - 104ºF), direct sampling from extremely high temperature sources like furnaces is not recommended as they will deteriorate chemicals in the tubes, resulting in erroneous indications of gas concentrations. In this case, the Hot Probe can be used. It is defined for cooling hot gas as high as 600ºC (1,100ºF) down to approximately ambient temperature surrounding the tube.

  • Metal fins on hot probe dissipate heat from high temperature samples (up to approximately 600 degrees Celsius)
  • Hot probe holder is used to give better stability and to protect the tube
  • Useful for furnace and vehicle exhaust gases

Part Number
Gastec Hot Probe
IG340Hot Probe for High Temperature Gas Sampling$99.95 EA
IG345AHot Probe Holder$181.97 EA