As provinces across Canada begin to reopen following COVID-19, organizations in every industry need to prepare their workplaces. We created a readiness checklist to help ensure you have the proper protocols in place including:

  • Facility safety
  • Hygiene
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training, certificates and policies
  • Equipment maintenance
  • New technologies
  • Employee support

Download your ‘Return to Work’ Readiness Checklist

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You may already have many of the considerations on this checklist ready, however if you need any products, services or training, Levitt-Safety is here to help.

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To make your return to work strategy a reality, we can help with the following.


Levitt-Safety offers products to keep workers in various industries safe. This includes quality respiratory protection, PPE, hazardous material storage and environmental monitoring solutions.

Many critical pieces of PPE are still difficult to source from traditional suppliers including N95 masks. We have set up an Emergency Supply Sourcing page to order these supplies back to Canada from overseas in bulk.

Highlights of products we offer include:

See a full list of the products we carry.


Some businesses have been closed for over two months now. During that time integral servicing, maintenance and calibration work may not have been possible.

Highlights of the services we offer:

See a full list of our service offerings.


Many companies have taken time to look for opportunities to improve safety processes. We have a variety of consulting services to increase safety in your workplace.

Instructor-Led Training:

Instructor-led training is great for hands-on learning and increasing your team’s knowledge base. Some instructor-led training courses will need modification to ensure safe physical distancing practices.

Our top instructor-led training courses:

See a full list of our instructor-led training courses.

Note: Instructor-led training courses vary by region.

Top Online Courses:

Online courses are a perfect option for situations like this. Participants can learn at their own speed and lessons can fit their schedules.

We offer hundreds of online courses through BIS trainer and WellNet. Below is a list of our relevant courses for COVID-19.

See our full list of online training courses.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Our team of safety-minded professionals are ready to make your return to work transition as smooth as possible.

If there’s something you’d like help with, fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you.

Watch our return to work panel discussion

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