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Canada’s pharmaceutical industry generates large amounts of revenue, with over $ 9.8 billion worth of pharmaceutical products produced in 2016 alone. Each and every facility that produces pharmaceutical products comes with their own unique health and safety requirements, including concerns regarding air quality, particle counts, cleanliness, and sterility. Worker clothing must also fall under strict guidelines to avoid contamination of the products.

Add in the chemical risks to all the other usual hazards workers face, and the challenges a health, safety and environmental professional in this industry faces can be a nightmare. How do you manage the following issues in your workplace?

  • Clean room particle counting
  • Ventilation and airflow
  • Chemical protection
  • Clean and/or sterile PPE
  • Respiratory protection and fit testing
  • Specialty gas detection
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Lock out, tag out procedures

Don’t see your concern listed? Have more questions? Get in touch with us today so we can help you navigate through all of these health, safety, and environmental program needs.

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