Occupational noise induced hearing loss is something you need to be aware of, protect against and monitor at all times.

The Verishield™ Smart Hearing Solution makes that possible – and easy – because now you can see exactly what workers are hearing.

Data is analyzed to generate actionable insights such as:

  • At risk worker identification
  • Work environment analysis
  • Easy access to historical noise exposure records
  • Exception reporting email digest
  • Trend identification

Features & Benefits

Web: A web portal that analyzes and visualizes exposure data and empowers safety professionals to make data driven decisions to improve hearing conservation programs.

Mobile: A mobile app that analyzes and visualizes exposure data for both workers and supervisors and facilitates the movement of data from the headset to the cloud.

Headset: State-of-the-art VeriShield 300 Series headsets that protect hearing and capture continuous and personalized noise exposure data

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