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CO analyser of expired air

Did You Know?

Smoking is implicated in six of the eight main causes of death (MPower, WHO, 2008). Almost 60,000 deaths per year in France are smoking-related, which exceeds deaths caused by alcohol and road accidents combined. In non-smoking pregnant women, passive smoking affects the mother as well as the unborn. The risks to the unborn are linked to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood, caused by the carbon monoxide present in the smoke. This pollution deprives the unborn of oxygen.

Why is passive smoking dangerous?

According to the Medical Academy, cigarette smoke constitutes the most dangerous source of domestic air pollution due to its high concentration of toxic products. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical substances including nicotine, irritants, toxic products (carbon monoxide …) and more than 50 carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer).

What are the risks of passive smoking?

Smoking is extremely noxious not only for smokers, but also for non-smokers. Aside from the discomfort it causes others, passive smoking exacerbates existing pathologies in adults and children (lung cancer, ENT cancers, asthma, infections). Source: passive smoking information brochure: tabac info service.

The TABATABA®, your new ally in the battle against active and passive smoking

Easy to use, accurate and reproducible, the TABATABA® is a professional measurement device manufactured by France International Medical, leader in the screening field. It measures the level of CO in expired air and provides an accompaniment during smoking cessation programmes.

Widely used by many doctors, it is also a wonderful teaching instrument. Its power of awareness during smoking cessation is indisputable. A large LCD screen displays the measurement. The level of CO poisoning is also clearly shown by 3 green-to-red LEDs.This level displayed in ppm expresses the amount of CO trapped in the haemoglobin and is thus proportional to the poisoning.

This number is also an indicator of the degree of nictotine addiction. The result can also be displayed in HbCO% or calculated foetal HbCO%. Intended for health professionals, it also serves to create awareness, to educate, to screen, and as an accompaniment over time. The TABATABA® is also useful during public events such as World No Tobacco day, or other such events.

Main functions of TABATABA® used in expired mode

  • Awareness during smoking cessation
  • Accompaniment during nicotine withdrawal programmes
  • Helps motivation
  • Awareness of passive smoking

Intended for health professionals

  • Tobaccologist
  • Occupational health practitioner
  • Associations of the anti-cancer type, toxicology centres, etc…
  • Maternity departments, midwives, obstetric consultations
  • School health, health testing centres
  • Lung specialist, allergist, oncologist
  • General practitioner
  • Pharmacies, insurance companies
  • All professions concerned with prevention

Part Numbers

EDTABMAT010 CO-Tester, Tabataba For Smoking Cessation Buy Online