Occupational Wellness

Optimity Wellness App

WEllness Optimized

Optimity provides a suite of highly-engaging apps that centralize your corporate wellness initiatives to optimize business outcomes.

The apps empower professionals through habit-building to unlock their greatest human potential.

Your employees are your competitive advantage. Progressive leaders provide innovative coaching tools necessary to advance business performance from average to superior.

Gamified WEllness

Keep people healthy and happy with office-friendly activities that engage them using goal-setting, competition, and personal progression.

Tailored Technology

Customize your app features to fit your team's needs; from step competition to safety training, get instant access across all devices and platforms.

Centralized Results

Connect teams across geographies or functional groups to drive workplace productivity from a centralized admin panel with analytics.

Success Philosophy

Powerful, healthy and productive habits are key to human success. Behind every successful individual is a support team. Optimity digitally mimics this multidisciplinary support team to coach each employee towards their optimal state, building a culture of self-improvement.

Optimity enables the habits of consistent goal-setting and daily wellness, while adapting to each person’s individuality to optimize work and life. Over time, each individual’s habit cluster and distribution enables unique insights into their personalities and behavior archetypes.

Optimity Success Philosophy

ADmin Controls

Optimity™ admin is your centralized hub to nurture a culture of healthy habits.
From multi-office step competitions to cross-platform corporate announcements, Optimity makes it easy and fun to lead and coach your team in achieving your organisation’s optimal workplace culture.


Customize Content

Get instant access to hundreds of expert-generated habit-coaching activities and launch your customized program in minutes.

Centralize Announcements

Reach your employee base wherever they are. The announcements feature allows you to create team-specific or firm-wide messages and notifications across all mobile and desktop devices.

Personal Incentives

Reward good habits on any budget. Just toggle on any preferred rewards vendor, and we will manage everything else to optimize the incentives for your employees.

Coach Engagement

Want more employee engagement? We help you to pull on non-monetary levers such as gamification, competition, and personal-progression to nurture engagement within your organisation.

Program Lifestyle

We provide leaders with innovative tools to build a culture of self-improvement. Our platform allows for daily interaction with employees at a pace that is set by management. Our system provides real-time feedback on usage and quantifiable aggregate results to firmly provide metrics on outcomes. Through education and engagement, we help you action on insights into helping employees optimize work-life balance through habit-building and coaching.

Optimity Program Lifestyle

Sample Initiatives

Steps Competition

Track your activities, no hardware required! For those who love passive tracking, Optimity integrates with smartphones and wearables.

Energizing Challenges

Great 30-sec activities to boost your energy level. Everything from a quick neck stretch to jumping jacks. Compete with friends, colleagues or robots.

Mindset Coaching

Train your mind by consistently practicing focus and awareness. Learn to meditate and manage stress to gracefully handle daily challenges