Occupational Wellness

Fatal Vision® Alcohol - Event Kit

The Event Kit includes six Fatal Vision® Alcohol Simulation Goggles combined with the interactive DIES® Alcohol Impairment Activity Mat and Smash Match® Impairment Challenge. These tools will help  you demonstrate through multiple activities the simulated effect of alcohol impairment including  impaired targeting skills, slower judgement, diminished focus, delayed reactions, reduced peripheral vision and a loss of balance and equilibrium.

Use our included evidence based program and user guides to help reinforce a meaningful experience about how susceptible people are to the dangers of alcohol impairment especially when driving.  This package includes the resources contained in the Fatal Vision® Alcohol Impairment Program Kit plus two additional activities to enhance and increase your program’s level of engagement and the variety of activities that you can deliver.

Package includes:

  • Six Fatal Vision® Goggles, each simulating a different BAC level with Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth, Germicidal Wipes,
  • "Walk the Line" Tape, TVL® Combo,
  • Fatal Vision® Evidence-Based Program Support Materials,
  • Smash Match® Impairment Challenge, and
  • DIES® Winding Sidewalk Mat, and DIES® Roadside Sobriety Test and Stairs Challenge Mat.

Part Numbers

IIFVBC Fatal Vision Bronze Goggle, Clear< .07 - 1.0 Buy Online
IIFVBS Fatal Vision Bronze Goggle, Shaded < .07-1.0 Buy Online
IIFVRC Fatal Vision Red Goggle, Clear< .12 - .15 Buy Online
IIFVRS Fatal Vision Red Goggle, Shaded < .12 - .15 Buy Online
IIFVSC Fatal Vision Silver Goggle Clear < .17 -.20+ Buy Online
IIFVSS Fatal Vision Silver Shaded < .17-.20+ Buy Online
IIFVWC Fatal Vision White Gogg, Clear < .06 Buy Online