ndd EasyOne Diagnostic Worldspirometer System

The EasyOne Worldspirometer offers true portability for testing anytime, anywhere. It is based on the most advanced technology, is packed with features and easy to use.

for Office spirometryS

  • Stand-alone instrument
  • Direct print capability (w/o PC)
  • No maintenance thanks spiretteTM
  • Long term stability w/o calibration
  • Spirette is the new hygienic consumable for economic, safe and secure procedures with lab precision

for Studies

  • No calibration required
  • No site to site differences due to operator manipulations
  • As used by Platino and BOLD the mother of all COPD studies

 Point of care testing and bed side monitoring

  • Carry your "lab" to the patients without compromising accuracy
  • Maintenance free
  • No warm up time, no pre testing preparation

Part Numbers

IN20014 Spirometer, EasyOne Diagnostic, ndd Buy Online
IN20106 Connector Cable, For EasyOne Screen, NDD Buy Online
IN20303 Calibration Syringe Adapter, ndd Buy Online